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You may recognize me from the TG forum, as I have been active there for years. Feel free to examine my old TG thread and 100% positive trade ratings, at here. I often get complements on my quick and simple trades. This site was set up to share information, during TG forum downtime episodes. The TG forum closed their exchange folder in 2007.

To initiate an exchange, just email me at gpmac1 @ gmail.com , or PM me at the TG forum, with your request.
Tell me how much of what currency or ecurrency you have and what type you want in exchange. The choices available are listed below. I will email or PM you with current rates and instructions. Basically if you have LR or Cash in hand, we can exchange. I hope EG is available again soon.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Please read this update page carefully. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
It will answer many questions, If the answer is not here, send me a PM/email.

SERVICES provided here -

I can exchange:
1) your Liberty Reserve (LR),
2) your Cash [using MoneyGram (MG), USA Bank Cash deposit or USPS Money Order]

into your choice of:
1) my Liberty Reserve (LR),
2) my USA Verified PayPal (PP),
3) my Xoom,
4) my USA check,
5) my Green Dot
6) my USA bank transfer.

Terms -

To exchange with me you MUST have either LR, or cash in hand. I accept no other ecurrencies or payments. Asking is a waste of time.

Rates are in flux and are changed as needed.

When using MG, You pay any transfer fees up front when sending to me. I deduct the actual MG transfer fees from what I send to you.

You will send to me first. This is NOT negotiable.

PM/email me if interested, include type and amount (in USD) of trade wanted. I will PM/email rate, confirm availability of ecurrency, and send my Simple Trading Procedure.

I can be PMed at TG. I can be emailed at gpmac1 @ gmail.com. I will keep up to date information posted at http://gpmac12.toget.to .

Banks currently available for you to make a cash deposit include Bank of America, Wachovia, Chase and Woodforest (at many Super WalMart locations).

IN THE PAST I MAINLY TRADED AT THE TG FORUM, until they closed the exchange thread. I had a thread at hoprofit.com, before they closed. I am a member of MMG, but do not have an exchange thread there.

Be very wary of anyone at any forum or IM with a user name similar to mine. ANYONE that APPEARS to have a A SIMILAR NAME ANYWHERE ELSE could be ATTEMPTING TO RIP YOU OFF, using my FLAWLESS REPUTATION AT TG and here.

I helped out with USECE.com, before they went off-line. I no longer assist them. This is totally separate from that.

I ONLY UNDERSTAND ENGLISH. Do not trade with anyone that uses another language, pretending to be me.

Please note that, I never have and still DO NOT use the IM's. NEVER. Please do not bother asking! Anyone using an IM, trying to trade with you, with a user name close to mine, or claiming to be me, is likely trying to SCAM you. There are many such attempts documented at the TG forum.

I am currently not dealing with neteller (NT), MoneyBookers (MB) or Western Union (WU). I can not accept bank transfers. I can only accept cash deposits.

I am not interested in other types of offers, so Please Do Not send me any. Thanks.

Always confirm you are dealing with me by PMing me at TG and/or emailing me at gpmac1 @ gmail.com only.

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If you wish to advertise here email me at gpmac12 @ gpmac12.toget.to


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